Samsung may unify Galaxy S and Note lines in 2020 | Cell phone

If the Samsung not to change its tradition, we should know a new premium smartphone in February 2020 to succeed the Galaxy S10. But the cell phone may not be called Galaxy S11: a rumor indicates that Samsung is studying to unify the features of the S and Note lines, in a project called Galaxy One.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Whoever released the information, again, was Evan Blass. According to a “trusted source”, Samsung “would be debating the future of the Galaxy brand, including removing the distinction between the S and Note lines. This can manifest itself in different ways, possibly with a Galaxy One instead of an S11, ‚ÄĚsays Blass on his Twitter account.

It is a fact that the Galaxy S and Note lines already look very similar. Between Samsung’s first and second half premium handsets, we see minor hardware upgrades and one or another new software feature, like the Galaxy Note 10’s real-time background blur – which is expected to reach the Galaxy S10 via of an update, according to Blass. The only big difference left is the S Pen.

If Samsung unifies the lines, the future Galaxy S11 could come with the S Pen (or at least have a pen edition), making the launch of a Galaxy Note 11 meaningless. And why would the company do that? The answer may lie in the Galaxy Fold, which had its corrected version released in early September.

“Assuming that Fold performs according to expectations (both functionally and in the market), the hope is to launch its successors as a flagship of the second half of the year, in the place that would be vacated by the Note”, according to Blass, who highlights that the project is still in a very early stage.

Was the Galaxy Note 10 the last Note?

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