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THE Samsung released the list of Samsung Galaxy devices with Android update for three years. In addition to the Galaxy S and Note cell phones, the new policy will include folding cell phones, some intermediate Korean brand phones, such as the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51, and the Galaxy Tab S tablet line.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra

The new Android update cycle has been in place since the beginning of August, when Samsung announced that Galaxy S and Note phones would receive updates for three years. A representative later revealed that the company was considering expanding support for other devices, such as intermediary phones.

Now, Samsung has confirmed which phones and tablets will be awarded the new rule. The company released, this Tuesday (18), a list of devices that will have the extended support period to three years. Check it out below:

  • Galaxy A51 (4G and 5G), Galaxy A71 (4G and 5G) and Galaxy A90 5G;
  • Galaxy S10 (4G and 5G), S10 +, S10e and S10 Lite;
  • Galaxy S20 (4G and 5G), S20 + (4G and 5G) and Galaxy S20 Ultra (4G and 5G);
  • Galaxy Note 10 (4G and 5G), Note 10+ (4G and 5G) and Note 10 Lite;
  • Galaxy Note 20 (4G and 5G) and Note 20 Ultra (4G and 5G);
  • Galaxy Fold (4G and 5G), Z Fold 2 (4G and 5G) and Z Flip (4G and 5G);
  • Galaxy Tab S6 (4G and 5G), Tab S6 Lite, Tab S7 (4G and 5G) and Tab S7 + (4G and 5G).

Samsung also says that the next phones of the Galaxy S, Note, Z and Tab S lines will receive new versions of Android for the same period of time. The exception is for intermediate smartphones (Galaxy A), as not all future releases will receive updates for three years.

Regarding devices not previously mentioned, Samsung says that “it is committed to providing the latest updates to the Android operating system until the hardware specifications allow”. According to the company, the Galaxy S20 line will be the first to receive Android 11.

With information: Android Authority, Samsung and The Verge

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