Samsung launches new The Frame that “becomes a frame” with QLED panel for R $ 6,999 | Gadgets

THE Samsung launched on Wednesday (21) the new generation of The Frame, a TV that camouflages itself as a picture in the living room. The TV has frames of different colors, can be installed on the wall and features Art Mode, which displays works while you are not watching anything. Compared to the previous generation, the main novelty is the change of the panel, which now has quantum dot technology.

Samsung The Frame TV

This is a niche TV, so much so that it was presented during a design event in São Paulo. The Frame has 20 works of art in memory that are part of the Samsung Collection, but you can buy (!) Digital images from museums around the world, as well as photo galleries. An individual work costs R $ 66 (!!), while a subscription plan (!!!) with access to all Art Store content costs R $ 16 per month.

While the TV is in standby mode, the brightness is automatically adjusted to look like a real picture in the room. If the motion sensor does not detect anyone nearby, the TV is turned off after a few minutes to save energy.

Samsung The Frame TV

It is possible to place The Frame on a shelf if you use the base included in the box, but most of the audience will probably install it on the wall. In this case, the TV already comes with the No-Gap support, which leaves virtually no space between the equipment and the wall. The frames, in brown, black, beige and white, must be purchased separately, for R $ 599 each.

Speaking of technology, The Frame of 2019 won a QLED panel, with specifications similar to those of the Samsung Q60R. It is a good improvement in image quality compared to previous models, which had an LCD more similar to that offered by Samsung’s basic TVs – the brightness is stronger, the contrast is better and the color range is wider.

Samsung The Frame TV

In addition, Samsung includes One Connect, which concentrates the entire mess of cables in a single external box that, in turn, is connected using a discrete semi-transparent cable. In the 2019 QLED TV line, this accessory only comes in the Q80R, the most expensive brand in Brazil.

Sales of the new The Frame start on October 1st, with a suggested price of R $ 6,999 for the single size of 55 inches.

Bonus: a very expensive fridge

Samsung Family Hub

Samsung also took the opportunity to bring the new Family Hub, a cooler with a screen on one of the doors. It runs Tizen, has support for personal assistant Bixby (in English only) and allows you to take notes, consult the family’s diary and see what foods are inside, without having to open the door. It is possible to manually record the expiration date of the food, so that you are notified before they spoil.

Samsung Family Hub

It costs R $ 24,999.

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