Samsung Galaxy S11 may arrive with 108 MP camera and 5x optical zoom | Cell phone

THE Samsung just released the Galaxy Note 10, but of course the next Galaxy S11 is already in development. And, according to the Korean website The Elec, there will be a major update on the cameras: the smartphone should adopt a 108 megapixel Tetracell sensor and a 5x optical zoom lens.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

The 108 megapixel camera should look like the one we saw on the Mi Mix Alpha. The Tetracell sensor, developed in a partnership between Samsung and Xiaomi, can generate photos of 12032 × 9024 pixels, being the first component for smartphones to exceed 100 million pixels. In low light, it combines four 0.8 μm pixels to function as a single 1.6 μm, generating 27 MP photos.

In addition, the Galaxy S11’s optical zoom would reach the same distance as the Huawei P30 Pro. While the Galaxy Note 10 and iPhone 11 are 2x, Samsung’s new flagship may reach 5x.

Corephotonics, an Israeli camera company, worked on an optical zoom system on Oppo phones and was acquired by Samsung – and its technology should be adopted on the Galaxy S11. It is different because it is periscopic, that is, it uses a mirror that reflects light to a sensor positioned at an angle of 90 degrees in relation to the rear of the device. This allows you to achieve a larger optical zoom without increasing the thickness of the cell phone so much.

If all goes well, we will see the Galaxy S11 in mid-February or March 2020. It should taste different from the other launches of the S line: another rumor indicates that Samsung is studying the unification of the S and Note lines, in a project known as Galaxy One.

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