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THE Samsung updated the Galaxy Fold to make the folding screen more resistant and prevent debris from entering the hinge: this new version of the cell phone was approved by Anatel, and its sale is authorized in Brazil. The smartphone will come with Galaxy Buds headphones in the box. It should cost US $ 1,980 in the USA, equivalent to R $ 7,800; what will be the price here?

Samsung Galaxy Fold new

On twitter, Everton Favretto points out that the Galaxy Fold was approved again by Anatel with the code SM-F900F. The foldable cell phone had already passed through the regulatory agency in April, but has undergone several changes since then.

The old version of the Galaxy Fold had very large gaps in the parts where the folding screen met the hinge, allowing particles to enter that could damage the display. The device also came with a film that appeared to be removable, but it was not.

Therefore, the Galaxy Fold received four improvements to become more resistant:

  • the upper protective layer of the Infinity Flex Display has increased in size so as not to leave edges or give the impression that it can be removed;
  • the upper and lower parts of the hinge were reinforced with protective covers;
  • the space between the hinge and the outside has been reduced to prevent dust from entering;
  • the folding screen gained more layers of metal in its structure.

Anatel documents include photos showing these improvements. The space between the hinge and the outside is smaller than before; and the gap between the screen and the hinge has narrowed considerably.

Samsung Galaxy Fold at Anatel

Samsung Galaxy Fold at Anatel

Samsung Galaxy Fold at Anatel

Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with Galaxy Buds headphones in the box

Anatel files also include the Galaxy Fold instruction manual. Samsung warns not to leave the smartphone near magnetic cards, analog clocks or storage devices, due to the magnets present in the device.

The Galaxy Fold has IP68 resistance to water and dust, but Samsung warns that “it is still possible that your device will be damaged in certain situations”. She also asks not to fold the smartphone backwards.

Galaxy Buds wireless headphones come with the Galaxy Fold in the box; the manual teaches you how to stop them. This phone does not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, like the Note 10 and Note 10+. There is also a 15 W (9 V / 1.67 A) charger for the two batteries, which together have a capacity of 4,380 mAh.

There is no expected release date for the Galaxy Fold in Brazil. It will arrive in “selected markets” in September; Samsung promises to reveal more details in the future. The foldable cell phone was announced for $ 1,980, and the company does not say whether that value will change.

Excerpt from the Galaxy Fold manual:

Samsung Galaxy Fold - manual

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