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Here’s some good news for owners of the first Galaxy Fold: Samsung is bringing features from the Z Fold 2 to the first version of the foldable phone. The list released by the company does not show major updates, but there are interesting news of “productivity and exclusive camera experiences”, says the South Korean brand in a statement.

Samsung Galaxy Fold (Image: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

Samsung Galaxy Fold (Image: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

What’s new for the Samsung Galaxy Fold

App Pair is one of the most useful features. With it, the user can group three favorite applications on the side of the smartphone and, thus, it is possible to open all of them at the same time (multitasking style).

If you need more apps open on the screen, the company then recommends using the Samsung DeX, which allows you to connect the Galaxy Fold to the Smart TV without the need to use wires (another novelty available).

For photographs, Samsung is bringing more flexibility to the Galaxy Fold in this update. Capture View mode reaches the first foldable so that the user can view recent photos and videos on the left side of the screen, while the other half is responsible for displaying what will be captured.

Capture View (Image: Playback / Samsung)

Capture View (Image: Playback / Samsung)

For better quality selfies, it is now possible to take pictures (selfie) with the main camera and the external screen can be used to have the preview. In addition to these new features, other features of Pro Video Mode are coming to the Galaxy Fold.

Finally, in connectivity, “forget the repetition of long and complicated Wi-Fi passwords for your friends and family. With Galaxy Fold, you can now directly share the Wi-Fi password that you are connected to with trusted Galaxy devices that are close to you, ”he says.

The announcement of the update came out on Wednesday (14), but the company did not say when it would arrive for all Galaxy Fold owners. Let us wait.

With information: Samsung.

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