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Samsung’s new generation of fully wireless headsets, the Galaxy Buds Live, maintains a positive feature present in previous models: it is easily repairable (compared to other true wireless headsets), according to iFixit. In practical terms, this means that in a few years (or months), when you have a problem with your Live Buds, you may not have to discard them.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (Photo: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

Samsung’s new headsets are quite eye-catching due to their brilliant look and unusual shape, but in addition to the aesthetic part of the thing, the design change seems to have improved the score on the iFixit repairability scale. The bean-shaped device reached the 8/10 mark – surpassing the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds +, which scored 6 and 7 points (out of 10).

In relation to AirPods Pro, the difference is even more pronounced: the Apple model is almost impossible to repair. Other wireless headsets on the market also score low on repairability – this is the case with the Amazon Echo Buds and Surface Earbuds.

samsung galaxy buds live ifixit

Galaxy Buds Live viewed internally. (Playback / iFixit)

The dismantling revealed some curiosities about the Galaxy Buds Live, such as the fact that Samsung also calls its headphones “beans” (at least internally). When opening one of the capsules, it is possible to see the writing “left bean” and “right bean” in pieces that connect the upper half to the lower one.

The Galaxy Buds Live battery proved to be easily replaceable, however it is a CP1254 model, 3.7 V, which despite being standard, is not so easy to find on the market. The charging case has a battery of 1.81 Wh – greater capacity than the cases of previous generations.

The Galaxy Buds Live still have no price in Brazil, but were launched for US $ 170 in the international market, which gives about R $ 913 in direct conversion, without taxes and in the exchange of the day. The highlight of the version, in addition to the completely redesigned look, is the presence of the active noise cancellation feature.

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