Samsung explains the care that the user should take with the Galaxy Fold

O Galaxy Fold presented so many problems in its pre-launch that, for the Samsung, resolving them was a matter of honor. The efforts paid off. The brand’s first foldable smartphone is now available in certain markets. But owning one requires some care so important that the company has prepared a video to say which ones.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

One of the precautions reinforces that the user must not remove the film that covers the screen. In the revised version of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung increased the size of the film so that it can cover the entire screen and reach the edges. Despite this, it is not impossible to remove this component, hence the reminder.

Interestingly, the company also says that a separate film should not be added because the foldable smartphone simply does not need it.

Another detail that draws attention is that Samsung recommends that the user only taps the screen. There are no explanations as to why. It is possible that the company fears that more vigorous touches (those we give when we are excited about a game, for example) will damage the internal components of the display.

The upper and lower parts of the folding area of ​​the Galaxy Fold have been reinforced with additional protections. In addition, the space between the hinge and the device housing has been reduced. These measures should make it difficult for debris to enter the area.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Before (top) and after (bottom)

Before (top) and after (bottom)

Even so, the Korean company recalls that the smartphone is not dustproof. Nor of water, therefore, another recommendation given in the video is that the user keep the device protected from liquids and dust.

Finally, Samsung notes that magnets have been positioned at specific points on the Galaxy Fold to keep it folded firmly. However, the user needs to take care not to approach the magnets of keys, coins or other metal items that may damage the cell phone, as well as keep it away from credit or debit cards.

Even with all these precautions, there is no guarantee that the Galaxy Fold will behave well. Maybe that’s why Samsung ended the video by remembering that the foldable phone has the Galaxy Fold Premier Service, a kind of special technical support dedicated to the model.

For those who still want to take a risk, it is worth remembering: despite still appearing fragile, the Samsung Galaxy Fold costs the equivalent of US $ 1,980 in the countries where it is already on sale.

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