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THE Samsung took advantage of its SDC developer conference and released more details about the One UI 2.0, interface that will come alongside Android 10 on phones like the Galaxy S10. In addition, the company has released a beta version of the system for the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+.

The video above details some of the changes in One UI 2.0. The dark mode has been improved and is present in more apps and notifications; it gets dark even the wallpaper. In addition, there is a high contrast mode for those who have difficulty seeing.

One UI 2.0 maintains the guideline of dividing the interface into two parts: viewing area at the top, and interaction area at the bottom, where it is easier to reach with your finger. It is already present in Samsung applications and settings; now, you’ll also find this in your home screen and app drawer folders.

Samsung has reduced the size of notifications to avoid interruptions if you are watching a video, for example. The volume bar has also become thinner, taking up less space on the screen.

Samsung One UI 2.0

Samsung’s icons have gained slightly lighter colors, and some of them – like Settings – have moving elements. The company made other refinements, such as changing the radius of curved edges in notifications and search fields.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 gets One UI 2.0 in beta

One UI 2.0 will arrive on Galaxy phones – including the foldable Galaxy Fold – as well as Android tablets and Tizen watches. “To make the experience of developers and users consistent across all devices, Samsung is expanding the use of One UI 2 in addition to smartphones for tablets, wearables and new formats, including foldables,” says the company in a statement.

The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are receiving a beta of One UI 2.0 in Germany, according to the SamMobile. It comes with Android 10 and the security patch for November. The Samsung Members app allows users in certain countries, such as the USA and South Korea, to enter the testing program.

In turn, owners of the Galaxy S10, S10 +, S10e and S10 5G can receive a preview of Android 10 in countries like China, India, South Korea, Spain, France and the USA. The beta program is available through Samsung Members.

The volume bar takes up less screen space with One UI 2.0:

Samsung One UI 2.0

The size of notifications has also been reduced:

Samsung One UI 2.0

And the text on the lock screen now automatically adapts to the background color:

Samsung One UI 2.0

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