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A new version of Galaxy Fold arrived to solve problems that arose in the pre-launch, but the Samsung it also exposes the product’s weaknesses and teaches users to be very careful with the device. But, if everything goes wrong, at least the repair will not be as salty: whoever needs a screen change will pay $ 149 the first time.


This is a way to bring more confidence to those who are still in doubt as to whether the Galaxy Fold is worth its $ 1,980. The exchange value of the screen will be available on a promotional basis for those who buy the device until December 31, 2019.

The “benefit” is part of the Galaxy Fold Premier Service program, a concierge for Galaxy Fold owners that has exclusive specialized support for the device. The information is available in a leaflet attached to the product, visible immediately after opening the case.

Samsung has yet to disclose the value of the second screen change or for those who buy the Galaxy Fold from 2020. However, the value of $ 149 is significantly less when compared to other smartphones of the brand: in the United States, the replacement of the Galaxy S10 + screen, for example, costs $ 269, while that of the Galaxy Note 10+ costs $ 279.

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Photo: The Verge

Cautions when using the Galaxy Fold

Despite having its main problems fixed, the foldable screen of the Galaxy Fold is still fragile. Samsung gives some recommendations to users:

  • Do not remove the protective layer or stick other films and adhesives on the screen;
  • Do not press the screen with hard or sharp objects, such as pens or even nails;
  • Do not place objects on the screen, including cards, keys and coins;
  • Do not expose the device to liquid and dust, which can get under the folding screen and damage the panel;
  • The device contains magnets, and it is important to keep away from objects such as credit cards. Implant users should consult their doctors to find out if the magnet can impair any type of operation.

The Galaxy Fold is already approved by Anatel in Brazil, but an official release date has not yet been released. In the United States, the device will be marketed by AT&T and also in an unlocked version as of Friday (27).

With information: The Verge

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