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Runkeeper, an application to monitor physical exercises, announced that it has ended the integration it had with smartwatches with Wear OS. The change already happens in version 9.13 of the application that runs on Android devices, which should reach users in the coming weeks.

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The app’s developers claim that a very small percentage of the app’s users have actually installed and used the Wear OS version of Runkeeper, along with problems in the usage experience and difficulties that were encountered in trying to solve these problems.

“As we are a small team with limited resources, and having done our research, we concluded that trying to maintain a partnership that was not working properly would not be good practice for us,” commented the Runkeeper support team.

Wear OS hasn’t been doing well in the legs for a long time, especially after Samsung’s abandonment of the platform. The Korean brand chose Tizen for its smartwatches and other famous brands also did not launch more products, such as LG, Motorola and Asus.

The smart watch market remains dominated by Apple, with a 50% share, followed by Fitbit with 12.2%, Samsung and its 11.8% and Garmin with 7.1%. None of these manufacturers use Wear OS in their products and the brand with the Google mobile operating system that is best in this scenario is Fossil, with 4.1% of presence.

The app will continue to work on Android, but without an interface focused on smart watches that use the Wear OS operating system. If you have a smartwatch with this platform, there are alternatives like Strava, Runtastic and Nike Run Club.

With information: Android Central.

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