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Psyonix, developer and producer of the football game with cars Rocket League, announced major changes to the game that will take place this month and one of them ensures that players will not need to pay PS Plus or even Nintendo Switch Online to enjoy the game’s multiplayer mode.

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The game, which is expected to be free to play later this year, will align the Rocket Pass, Competitive Seasons and Tournaments so that they all start at the same time and this will happen just when the game becomes free to play. With the change the player with Rocket Pass will need to be aware when the new season comes into effect, which is when the pass can be used.

As the idea is to increase competitiveness within the virtual courts, a new rank was created under the name of Supersonic Legend and it is above the current maximum that the player can reach, which is the Grand Champion.

Rocket League promises not to disturb everything

As the game will be free, Psyonix knows that a batch of new players will be added all the time. To prevent current players from entering games with others without any experience with the game, the first season will put all new players in their own rank and will have new tutorials that will explain all the details of the title.

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A very important change is that whoever wants to play on PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch, does not need to pay the subscription of their respective online systems to enter the multiplayer of Rocket League, exactly as it happens with who is in the PC. The least encouraging part is that the developer’s partnership with the consoles doesn’t involve Xbox, which will continue to require Live Gold to join games with others.

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