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Rock in Rio is one of the biggest music festivals in the world and, in addition to the shows, it also brings several other attractions. To connect the 385 thousand m² of Cidade do Rock, the public will have access to Oi’s free Internet network via Wi-Fi everywhere, regardless of the operator. The expected 100,000 visitors per day of the event will also be able to participate in demonstrations of 5G technology.


Rock in Rio 2019 takes place on 27, 28, 29 September and on 3, 4, 5 and 6 October. The festival is in the City of Rock, in the Olympic Park of Rio de Janeiro.

Free Wi-Fi for all operators

Oi’s operation promises to deliver free Wi-Fi over 345,000 m² of Rock in Rio, including the World Stage. To assist in this ambitious mission (given the number of people per day), 56 kilometers of fiber optic cables were deployed by the operator, in addition to 550 hotspots. To further reinforce this battle front, through its post on Instagram, seven antennas of 3G and 4G mobile coverage were also installed.

In addition to Wi-Fi, Oi’s optical fiber will also be responsible for lighting and transmitting sound from both the Mundo and Sunset stages. The goal is to try to amplify the shows for the entire City of Rock with the lowest possible latency. Let’s see if, therefore, the sound quality felt by those who are not so close to the stage improves. This, even, has always been one of the complaints of the public, in previous editions.


NOC (Network Operation Center), Oi’s monitoring center / Photo: Vivi Werneck

Oi is offering high capacity data links for the festival, totaling – according to the operator – 30 GB. To monitor all of this, the company set up an operations center (close to the Game XP arena) to control all of this service.

It is good to make it clear that there are 30 GB to supply the entire event: visitors, partners, infrastructure and logistics. If the signal is going to get really fast, just testing it right away. However, the fact of having something of the kind already available for the first time is already a positive point. Anyone who has been to other editions of Rock in Rio knows that even to send a message, during peak hours, can be a nightmare.

How to connect to Rock in Rio’s free Wi-Fi

To access the free service, search for the “Oi Wifi” network on your smartphone. You will need to do a brief registration to start using (more or less as it happens in some airports). That done, just click on “Browse”.

It is worth remembering that, as we are talking about a network that will be used by hundreds of people, it is always good to take some extra precautions. It is interesting to use some VPN service to ensure safer browsing.

Virtual tour connected via 5G


5G has not yet arrived in Brazil, and it may take a while, but it is possible to taste the fifth generation of mobile connection in Cidade do Rock, more specifically at Oi’s booth at the Gameplay Arena by Game XP.

Those who go there, besides testing games like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, PES 2020, Star Wars: The Rise Skywalker and Call of Duty Mobile, you can also take a virtual tour on a bicycle connected via the 5G network. Facing a videowall, the visitor will be able to visit the edge of the Aterro do Flamengo (in the South Zone of Rio).

2019 Festival occupies almost 100% of the Olympic Park

This year’s Rock in Rio, according to the organization, expanded its occupied area and will have 60 thousand square meters more than in the previous edition. In total, there will be 385 thousand m² of attractions for an estimated audience of 100 thousand people per day.


To make all of this work, in addition to the connectivity issue we talked about earlier, it took 30,000 kva of electricity. This would be the equivalent of lighting up a city of 50,000 inhabitants.

The City of Rock has 10,000 tons of equipment, in addition to 120 kilometers of sound, video and power cables. As the event takes place in the middle of a residential area, the organization claims to have properly controlled noise impact on the perimeter of the site. The neighbors are grateful.

Official app helps you build your schedule

For those who go to the festival, it is already available for Android and iOS (iPhone) the official app of Rock in Rio 2019. In it, you can see the complete schedule of all attractions per day and also create a script of what you want to watch or participate.

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