Rio police conduct operation against app drivers with fake accounts | Brazil

Drivers of apps like Uber and 99 that use fake accounts to get races have become targets of the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police. An operation carried out on Monday morning (4) led to the arrest of two drivers at Galeão Airport.


The Civil Police claims that they committed the crime of misrepresentation, that is, they used the identification of third parties deliberately to achieve financial gains and other benefits. According to the agency, the operation began in July.

With the help of app-based transport services, which provided information on suspicious accounts, the investigation reached 10 fake profiles. Upon confirming that more drivers were committing the crime, the police took action on Monday.

The agents barred some airport entrances and searched more than 100 drivers and vehicles. The procedure ended with the two people caught in the act, as well as two others taken to the police station to provide clarifications for having a serious criminal record. The companies were informed about the fact.

The use of fake accounts is one of the problems that platforms must deal with to ensure security for users. Uber, for example, started a campaign to highlight some features created for this purpose.

Through video videos on social networks, the company wants to highlight little-known features that can be useful for passengers and drivers, such as real-time route sharing with a trusted person.

To Tecnoblog, Uber said that all of its partner drivers go through a criminal background check before they start driving on the platform. “This process takes place under the terms of the law and is carried out by a specialized company,” says Uber. “The company also conducts periodic inspections of drivers already approved at least once every 12 months”.

“Uber has a national contract with Serpro, which verifies information from the CNH and CRLV of drivers interested in working on the application, with authorization from Denatran,” he continues. “The company is collaborating with the authorities in the course of the investigations, observing the applicable Brazilian legislation”.

Updated at 10:45 am on Tuesday (5) with Uber’s note.

With information: Civil police.

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