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Everyone knows how desperate it is to receive notification that the product has gone out for delivery but there is no one at home. Whoever rides the Rio de Janeiro subway has a solution to this problem: smart cabinets for receiving goods will be available at stations.

Rio Metro will have lockers to receive your online purchases

The service is the result of a partnership between Subway and ClickRemove, and facilitates the delivery of online purchases. The novelty also meets the demand of residents who live in areas of restricted delivery of post offices and carriers, as well as people without a postal address. Each station will have 80 cabinet doors for orders.

When the object is delivered, the customer will receive a QR Code that will be scanned in the cabinet and will automatically open the door for product removal. There is no charge at the time of pickup at the station, but the online store may charge for delivery at the time of purchase.

According to MetrôRio, more than 40 million products can be purchased on the internet and removed in closets, and the platform is integrated with the “main e-commerce sites in the country”. O Tecnoblog questioned which partner stores, but has not yet received an answer.

In total, 38 stations will have smart cabinets. Are they: Pavuna, Eng. Rubens Paiva, Acari / Fazenda Botafogo, Coelho Neto, College, Irajá, Vicente de Carvalho, Thomaz Coelho, Engenho da Rainha, Inhaúma, Maria da Graça, Screening, Maracanã, São Cristóvão, Cidade Nova, Uruguay, Saens Peña , São Francisco Xavier, Afonso Pena, Estácio, Praça Onze, Central, Presidente Vargas, Carioca, Cinelândia, Glória, Catete, Largo do Machado, Flamengo, Cardinal Arcoverde, Siqueira Campos, Cantagalo, General Osório, Nossa Senhora da Paz, Jardim de Alan, Antero de Quental, São Conrado and Oceanic Garden.

According to Extra, CliqueRetire is expected to install 200 electronic cabinets in the coming months in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro at the BR Mania convenience stores, which are located inside Petrobras gas stations.

Other stores work with a ‘Click and Remove’ system

Most virtual stores that have some presence in physical retail already offer the option to buy the product online to pick up at an establishment. This is the case of Magazine Luiza, B2W (Americanas, Submarino and Shoptime) and Via Varejo (Ponto Frio, Casas Bahia and Extra).

Stores without a physical presence are not left out: recently, the Free Market has started to allow orders to be withdrawn at post offices, facilitating purchase for those who have no where and how to receive them.

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