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RED has once again delayed the production of Hydrogen One, its holographic screen phone. And, to redeem himself with his customers, he adopted an unusual measure. The manufacturer promised to give its basic smartphone for free to those who bought the most expensive model in the pre-sale.

So, whoever paid $ 1,595 for the Titanium Hydrogen One, will also take the aluminum version, which costs $ 1,295. The company intended to release the most expensive model in early 2019 for those who had purchased it in the pre-sale.

RED will give Hydrogen One for free to those who

However, some problems with suppliers caused the planning to be postponed again. “I can’t go out there and do [o celular] myself, otherwise I would. All I can do is do what I think is right … as if I were the customer, “explained RED CEO Jim Jannard, at company forum.

As the production of the aluminum Hydrogen One is up to date, the company will send it to anyone who bought the titanium version. It should be delivered from October 9, as previously announced.

Then, when the production of the titanium models is normalized, the most expensive smartphones will be shipped free of charge. Best of all, users will be able to continue with the aluminum version.

In his statement, Jannard recalled that, in the case of RED cameras, all manufacturing takes place in California. “We have control over everything. Unfortunately, we are not in the same position with Hydrogen. We have to rely on the schedules and representations of our suppliers, ”he said.

Ultimately, the delays that RED had with Hydrogen One will be very advantageous for customers. If the company delivers the titanium version – which should happen even with a delay – there will be two expensive cell phones for the price of just one.

With information: Android Central.

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