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The first 4G phones were high-end models. Progressively, the technology appeared in cheaper models. With the era 5G is no different. At first, the technology appeared on more advanced phones. Soon, it will be present in cheap handsets from brands like Motorola, Xiaomi and Oppo, thanks to a promise from Qualcomm.

If it weren’t for COVID-19, we might see some of these phones at IFA 2020, which started this Thursday (3). However, the pandemic forced organizers to hold the event with a very small number of participants. Qualcomm, for example, is not there, which prompted it to announce the expansion of 5G in its products through an online presentation.

Snadragon 5G

At IFA 2019, the company promised to bring the technology to the Snapdragon 6xx and 7xx series chips. So it has been done, see the example of the models Snapdragon 765 and 765G. Before that, 5G appeared on advanced smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

This year, the company promised to launch chips Snapdragon 4xx with 5G. As you may know, this series is aimed at entry-level cell phones or basic middlemen, which, on a global scale, cost between $ 125 and $ 250.

We still don’t know the technical details of these chips, but Qualcomm says that the new Snapdragon 4xx series “will fulfill its promise to make 5G accessible to all smartphone users”.

Manufacturers like Motorola, Xiaomi and Oppo have already confirmed plans to launch smartphones with the new 5G chips. They are expected to hit the market in the first quarter of 2021.

With information: CNET.

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