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O PS5 received a series of new information over the past weekend, thanks to tests that Japanese personalities and youtubers carried out with their games, performance and also with the DualSense control. Here we bring together some of the main news of what was discovered with these previews of hands-on.

PS5: hands-on videos detail hardware, DualSense and games / Playback / 4Gamer

PS5 Hand-ons: What’s New

DualSense was a big focus, since those who tested it were not allowed to touch the console or navigate its home menu – just the controller, in general, and how the controller behaves with games.

The triggers represented a huge improvement over DualShock 4. Now they really give the impression of what is on the screen, vibrating according to the type of floor the character walks on, for example, or becoming more “light” or “hard” ”, According to the difficulty of the task performed.

Games tested were multiplayer Godfall and the adventurous Astro’s Playroom – the latter is free and comes pre-installed on all PS5, from the factory. In terms of performance, the games behaved well.

PS5: hands-on videos detail hardware, DualSense and games / Playback / 4Gamer

It has also been revealed that the DualSense’s front light can shine in at least four different colors: blue, purple, red and green. In this, the control is similar to DualShock 4, which also varied colors, according to the situation in the games.

But perhaps the main change in control is the replacement of the confirmation buttons: For Japan, the “ball” button has always been the confirmation button, while in the Americas and Europe it was the “X”. Now, for the whole world, what counts is the “X”.

A video from the magazine Famitsu also shows some of the control in use:

Silent console

Still according to the information, the PS5 is extremely quiet. During the tests, your cooler was not heard, which is a big difference compared to the PS4, considered extremely noisy.

PS5: hands-on videos detail hardware, DualSense and games / Playback / Dengeki Online

The console also appears to have white, removable side parts, but this is still unconfirmed information, which needs more information from Sony – which we may only have in a few weeks.

Recalling that the PS5 will be released on November 12 in the USA and in much of the world and on the 19th in Brazil. The console is still in pre-sale, with prices starting at R $ 4,500.

With information: The Verge

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