ProtonVPN now has servers in Brazil | Antivirus and Security

ProtonVPN, an encrypted VPN service, won on Friday (28) its first servers in South America: there are four, all located in Brazil, which takes the company to 26 countries. From the same creators of ProtonMail, VPN promises not to limit data consumption and protect users’ privacy.


VPN is available in four modes. In free, you can only connect to servers in three countries (United States, Japan and the Netherlands). From the Basic plan (US $ 4 per month), the download speed is higher, it is possible to use P2P and all countries are released.

Even with the free plan, ProtonVPN guarantees that it protects users – there is no registration or sharing of access logs, and connections are encrypted with AES-256. For subscribers, the company says it has some of its servers in a “Swiss datacenter housed in an old military bunker 1,000 meters below the Alps”.

In a statement, the owner of ProtonMail states that “by expanding its network to Brazil, ProtonVPN will make secure and private connections universally accessible to the South American community”. In practice, if you are in Brazil, you can protect your privacy by connecting to nearby servers, with lower latency; abroad, it will be possible to access national content with location blocking.

Brazilian servers in the ProtonVPN are now available to all Basic ($ 4 per month), Plus ($ 8 per month) and Visionary ($ 24 per month, including ProtonMail) users. There are applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

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