Project Scarlett will prioritize frame rates and fast loading

Successor to Xbox One, the Project Scarllet will only become a reality in 2020. Meanwhile, the Microsoft continues to reveal details of the console. The most recent comes from Phil Spencer: the leader of the company’s games division stated that the goal is to make the console run games with the highest frame rate per second possible.

Project Scarllet

It sounds like an obvious statement, after all, every new generation of console promises more performance compared to the previous one. However, it is common for this performance gain to be guided by the objective of making the video game reproduce increasingly sophisticated graphics.

Project Scarllet will be like that too. Just to illustrate, Microsoft has already revealed that the console will support 8K resolution and ray tracing, a technique that mimics light rays from the “real world” to generate more convincing graphics in games.

But in a recent interview with GameSpot, Phil Spencer hinted that the fluidity of games on the Xbox One successor will be a goal treated with the same level of importance: “I think the area we really want to focus on the next generation is the frame rate and the gameplay of the titles “, said.

Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer

Speaking of playability, Spencer refers to the playful execution of games: “ensuring that games load incredibly fast, ensuring that the game is running at the highest possible frame rate”, he added.

At E3 2019, Microsoft had already signaled with the possibility of the new console working with rates like 120 frames per second (fps). But, certainly, this rate is for games running at lower resolutions.

For high resolutions, Spencer says something like 60 fps: “people love games at 60 frames per second, so making games run at 4K and 60 fps seems like a real goal for us”.

This is not the only objective. Phil Spencer also commented on allowing players at Project Scarllet to access games purchased for predecessor consoles while preserving as much of the original experience as possible. “We want to respect the games you bought from us,” he said.

It is worth remembering that Microsoft had already promised backwards compatibility with all generations of the line, that is, you will be able to run games from the original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in Project Scarllet. Of course, this does not mean that specific games for the platform will be left in the background.

The new console is scheduled for launch in the last quarter of 2020. The novelty should come with the game Halo Infinite.

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