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THE Microsoft revealed the first details about the successor to the Xbox One during the E3 fair: the Project Scarlett will have SSD for greater speed, lighting through ray tracing and 8K support – these are the same features that Sony promises on PlayStation 5. Both consoles will be launched in 2020.

Project Scarlett’s focus is on speed: it must be “four times more powerful than the Xbox One X”, thanks to an AMD processor with Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architectures.

The console will also come with high-bandwidth GDDR6 RAM, and a “new generation SSD” created by Microsoft that will function as “virtual RAM”. The data transfer speed will increase “more than 40 times compared to the current generation”.

According to the company, the new hardware will allow the user to “move around the worlds without waiting for the scenes to load”, and will mark the end of the long “elevator scenes” that disguise the loading.

Xbox Project Scarlett will have 8K, 120 fps and ray tracing

Project Scarlett may also reach 8K resolution. It will be able to reach frame rates of up to 120 fps, probably at lower resolutions. Variable refresh rates and real-time ray tracing with hardware acceleration will be supported, a more realistic technique for lighting scenes.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said that Project Scarlett is being developed by the same team behind Xbox One and One X. He hinted that the company will not again follow the initial – and unsuccessful – strategy of selling the Xbox One as a entertainment center instead of a console focused on gamers. “We heard you, a console must be designed and created and optimized for one thing and just one thing: games.”

Project Scarlett test board

Project Scarlett test board

Microsoft guarantees support for “four generations of consoles”: that is, you will be able to play original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One X titles on Project Scarlett, in addition to games designed for the new device. Backwards compatibility goes even further: “your games, your achievements, your progress, your accessories, your Xbox console experience: everything goes on at Scarlett.”

Sony promises several of these features for its future console, informally called PlayStation 5. It will have ray tracing, 8K and SSD games instead of HD; there will also be cross-play of games with the PS4, an SSD designed by Sony, and support 4K with a frequency rate of 120 Hz.

Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5 will launch in the last quarter of 2020, in time for the holiday season. The Microsoft console will come with the new game Halo Infinite; check out the trailer below:

With information: Ars Technica, SlashGear.

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