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Microsoft relaunched the IntelliMouse in 2017 and now, about a year and a half later, gives the line survival again. Only this time, the proposal is a little different: the new Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse is aimed at the gamer audience, although you can use it in other applications, obviously.

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse

Don’t think, however, that you will find a mouse with an overly elaborate design and a lot of “pyrotechnics”. The Pro IntelliMouse version has practically the same external design as the IntelliMouse Explorer launched in 2017, which in turn refers to the IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0, from 2003, the most iconic model in the line.

What makes Pro IntelliMouse suitable for games is the use of new components. The main one is the PixArt PAW3389PRO-MS sensor. Much more accurate, it works with up to 16,000 dpi (against 3,200 dpi from the 2017 IntelliMouse Explorer).

The iconic IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0

For comparison, the iconic IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0

In the visual, the novelty is due to the option with white details of the Pro IntelliMouse, in addition to the version that follows the classic colors, which lean towards black. Another detail that deserves mention is the LED on the back of the mouse, which can now take on several colors to match the game – one or two perfumery is no problem, right?

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse - sensor

The other features were maintained: the USB 2.0 cable is there, but now with a braided finish to prevent damage; the five physical buttons too, three of which are programmable. The mouse has a specific design for righties, however.

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse is on sale in the United States for $ 59.99 (in fact, it launched in late 2018, but only in China). The 2017 IntelliMouse Explorer remains available for $ 39.99. For a change, there is no forecast for launching these models in Brazil.

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Pro IntelliMouse the classic mouse from Microsoft is now a

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