Post office manager arrested for stealing cell phones from Xiaomi and Samsung – Brazil

The manager of the Correios de Curicica agency, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, was arrested in the act last Saturday (14) trying to steal cell phones from Xiaomi, Samsung and Motorola, as well as an iPad and other orders from customers. According to the Federal Police, he diverted more than 200 objects for a total of R $ 400,000.

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The arrest took place at the door of the agency: the manager was carrying a backpack with clothes, cell phones and other electronics. In the photo released by the PF, it is possible to identify a Samsung Galaxy A30, Galaxy A50, Xiaomi Redmi 7A, Moto G7 Play Special Edition, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple iPad and a PagSeguro box.

The action was taken by the Police Department for the Suppression of Crimes against Patrimony (Delepat) of the PF. Thefts occurred mainly on Saturdays, when the agency has fewer employees working on the site; there are no surveillance cameras. In total, the police estimate that the manager subtracted more than 200 objects, causing a loss of approximately R $ 400 thousand.

In a statement to the newspaper The day, the Correios say that they are collaborating with the authorities: “even, the action was possible after internal investigation, which subsidized the security organs for the success of the act”.

A disciplinary administrative proceeding was instituted “for the necessary measures”, according to the state company. She also states that the manager’s conduct is unacceptable, and is dissociated from the values ​​and standards defended by the company.

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Scheme diverted parcel post from PB

In July this year, the PF dismantled a scheme diversion of parcels from the Post Office in Paraíba. Cell phones purchased over the internet were stolen before they reached the recipient; then, they were sold in the region’s informal commerce.

According to the investigation, a postal worker in Araruna (PB) provided access to orders, and another person was in charge of selling them. The police found hundreds of diverted packages, but did not give an estimate of the damage. The PF carried out search and seizure warrants; suspects will answer for the crime of embezzlement.

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