Police seize illegal iPhone 11 cargo valued at R $ 150,000 | Brazil

The three models of the iPhone 11 will only start selling in Brazil on October 18. However, some people are already trying to make money from Apple’s cell phone. This is the case of two men who were arrested for carrying an illegal cargo of smartphones valued at R $ 150,000.

Federal Highway Police seized 17 iPhone units that came from Paraguay

According to the Federal Highway Police (PRF), they were arrested on Friday (27) when they were on BR-116, in Feira de Santana (BA). In an inspection carried out in the car, the police found 17 units of iPhones 11 along with headphones and chargers.

The duo admitted that they intended to sell the cell phones and stated that the phones came from Paraguay and would be taken to Sergipe. The PRF reports finding six iPhone 11 units, one of the 11 Pro and ten of the 11 Pro Max.

With the arrest in flagrante delicto, the two men will answer for the crime of misappropriation, that is, the importation of products without the due payment of taxes. The Penal Code provides for detention of one to four years in prison in case of conviction.

Already approved by Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), the iPhone 11 has not yet revealed the price for Brazil. To estimate the value of the charge, the PRF seems to have taken into account the price of the cell phone in the United States.

There, the company offers three storage options in each model. The iPhone 11 starts at US $ 699 (about R $ 2,900), the 11 Pro starts at US $ 999 (R $ 4,150) and the 11 Pro Max, in turn, starts at US $ 1,099 ( R $ 4,560).

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