PodPesquisa 2019 is already rolling, to find out who listens to podcasts in Brazil | Other matters

THE PodSearch, the largest survey of podcast listeners in Brazil, is in its fifth edition and wants to know who the people who consume the media in the country are, what they do and what they eat. The study, which runs until December 15, will also help producers understand what the public values ​​most in the programs.

May 2019

This edition of PodPesquisa has a special taste because 2019 was a very important year for the media. In Brazil, large communication groups, such as Globo, have invested in the format. And Spotify went headlong into the podcast market, with plans to inject up to $ 500 million in 2019. So it is very likely that we will see a change in the profile of the Brazilian listener.

The survey takes 10 minutes to complete and asks, for example, which application do you use to listen to podcasts, which topics consume the most and at what point in the program do you prefer the e-mail reading session, such as our PO Box. If you listen to the Tecnocast, don’t forget to quote you among the podcasts you hear – so we’ll know who you are! If you still don’t hear, find out more here.

You can participate in PodPesquisa 2019 this page. The results will be made public after the survey is over.

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