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After reading complaints from many users (including me) about the Pocket Casts subscription service (Pocket Casts Plus), which would be charged even to those who had already paid for the web version in the past, the app went back and will honor the contract that existed before this week’s move and offered lifetime access to desktop apps and the web player.

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This week Pocket Casts, one of the most popular podcast apps, is no longer paid on smartphones and tablets, but brought a subscription plan that gives access to the web version of the player, the apps for PC and Mac, in addition to 10 GB of space in the cloud for the user to listen to their music inside the player – wherever they are.

The subscription is called Pocket Casts Plus, costs R $ 3.90 per month and R $ R $ 39.80 per year. The problem is that this access to the desktop and web apps was already charged before the change and the payment gave access to the service for life. When the application’s business plan changed, users who have already paid for this add-on could use Plus for three years at no extra cost.

Lifetime Pocket Casts?

As the two proposals do not fit together (it does not last for three years, right?), Many paying people complained a lot in every place. The complaint was such that the CEO of Pocket Casts, Owen Grover, reviewed the attitude and decided to honor the first contract. Now anyone who has paid the amount for web access, has Pocket Casts Plus for life.

The novelty is automatic and is inserted in everyone’s account, but I noticed a curious point in my account on iOS. There it says that the “lifelong” will last 37 years and will end in 2118. I don’t even know if I will be alive until then, but I imagine that something lifelong must last for a lifetime and not for 37 years.

With information: Pocket Casts.

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