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Pocket Casts, one of the most famous apps for tracking podcasts, has changed its strategy and is now free for Android and iOS. Along with the change in distribution, the app has created a subscription service called Pocket Casts Plus that offers a desktop app, web browser app and cloud storage.

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The business plan change is already in place and is certainly a response to the generous advance Spotify has been making in the podcast market. As complete as it may be, Pocket Casts began to face competition when Google finally created its podcast app, followed by Apple, which has always invested in this area (it was the first to create a popular app) and is expanding its influence.

The problem is that all these examples are free and some of them have an app or web version for the PC, unlike the R $ 14.90 for Pocket Casts on the App Store and R $ 14.99 on the Play Store – and the extra cost R $ 28 to access the web app version on the computer. Ah, another question is that if you had bought the iPhone version, for example, you were obliged to buy it again on Android.

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In apps, nothing will change. They continue to sync signed programs and play them in the cloud, but a subscription can be triggered, with extra features, Pocket Casts Plus name and price of $ 9.99 a year – or $ 0.99 a month.

In it the user will have space of 10 GB in the cloud (for any file), exclusive themes for the app on mobile devices and access to applications made for computer. They are available on the Windows Store for Windows 10, macOS and also on the internet in a web app that runs on almost any modern browser.

If you, like me, paid for web access, you will not need to pay the monthly or annual service again. Just log in to the account and it will be with three years of Pocket Casts Plus at no extra cost – whew!

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The company says that the new business model will continue with the free distribution of mobile apps, but commented that other forms of financing may emerge in the future to sustain operating costs.

With information: Pocket Casts.

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