Pluto TV, free streaming from ViacomCBS, will arrive in Brazil | Applications and Software

ViacomCBS programmer prepares to launch streaming service Pluto TV in Brazil. The platform is completely free and will arrive in the country in December 2020 with 24 linear channels and films on demand; it can be accessed via cell phone, web and smart TV.

Pluto TV on television.  Image: Disclosure

ViacomCBS already operates in Brazil and is responsible for the pay-TV channels MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Paramount Network, in addition to the digital platforms Paramount + and Noggin.

Worldwide, Pluto TV is found in 22 countries and reaches 33 million active users per month, adding 250 live channels in addition to content on demand. The company has an agreement with TV makers HiSense and LG, but negotiates with other brands.

As it is free, Pluto TV survives with advertising, and already has a commercial partnership with brands such as Mercado Livre, Unilever and Rappi.

Pluto TV will have Star Trek and more Hollywood movies

Among the content available on Pluto TV, you will find the films of the saga Star Trek, Besides Babel, Blue Jasmine, Night Angels, The Wedding of the Year, Valentine Forever, On Fire, Love Bandit, Obsession, The Anchor: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Tomorrow’s Express and Explosive Charge 3.

In addition, there is the presence of the linear channels Nick Jr. Club, Nick Classic, Pluto TV Cine Sucessos, Pluto TV Cine Comedy, Pluto TV Cine Drama, Pluto TV Cine Terror, Pluto TV Series, Pluto TV RetrĂ´, MTV Pluto TV, Pluto TV Anime, Pluto TV Investiga, Pluto TV Natureza, Pluto TV Junior and Pluto TV Kids.

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