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THE Sony has just confirmed the name of its next generation console: as expected, it will be called PlayStation 5 – PS5 for the most intimate – and will be released in late 2020, in time for the holidays. It will come accompanied by a new control with haptic feedback, instead of rumble on PS4 and predecessors.

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Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interative Entertainment, explains on the official PlayStation blog that the next console will come with a control that uses haptic technology similar to that of smartphones, allowing “to really feel a wider range of feedback”.

In addition, the L2 and R2 buttons have become adaptive triggers: developers can program their resistance so that you have different sensations of touch. “In combination with haptic feedback, this can produce a powerful experience that best simulates various actions,” writes Ryan.

THE Wired tested a PS5 prototype; in one of the demonstrations, a character crosses different types of surface. “On ice, a high frequency response made the triggers really give the impression that he was sliding; when jumping into a pool, I felt the water resistance; on a wooden bridge, I had a bouncy feeling. ”

Sony has yet to confirm the name of the new controller (DualShock 5?), But reveals that it uses a USB-C connector to charge the battery; it is possible to use it connected by the cable. The larger capacity battery and haptic engines make the accessory a little heavier than the DualShock 4, but it will still be slightly lighter than the Xbox One battery-powered controller.

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PlayStation 5 will have new interface and modular installation

We also have more details on the experience of using the PlayStation 5. The physical games will come on 100 GB optical discs, inserted in the optical drive that serves as a 4K Blu-ray player.

Installation is mandatory – games do not run from disk – but it will be possible to choose which part of the game will live on the console. For example, you can install just one multiplayer campaign, or place everything and remove the single-player part after finishing it.

In addition, the user interface has been “completely revamped”, displaying single-player game missions and rewards on the home screen, and the multiplayer activities that are happening right now; it will not be necessary to open the game to discover this information.

Sony had previously said that the PlayStation 5 will come standard with a Sony-designed SSD, the size of which has not yet been revealed, to load games faster; and will support 4K at 120 Hz, 8K and hardware accelerated ray-tracing. The console will have cross-play games with the PS4; and will have a standby economy mode that uses less energy, around 0.5 W.

The PlayStation 5 will be launched “in time for the holiday season in 2020”, according to Sony.

With information: Sony, Wired.

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