Pix could be used in 762 seats and fintechs at debut | Finance

O Pix will start operating on November 16th. Everything indicates that there will be no delays: this Thursday (22), the central bank released the list of financial institutions that are already able to operate the new system. In all, there are 762 direct and indirect participants among banks, fintechs, payment companies, credit unions and the like.

Direct participants are those who will have immediate access to the Instant Payment System (SPI), Pix’s backbone. All financial institutions with more than 500 thousand customers must be included in this category.

Pix in the app (Image: Emerson Alecrim / Tecnoblog)

Pix in the app (Image: Emerson Alecrim / Tecnoblog)

Indirect participants, on the other hand, correspond to companies that must hire a direct participant to mediate transactions on Pix. It is thanks to this category that retailers and small fintechs, for example, may be included in the new system.

The phase of adhesion to Pix by the institutions was completed on the 16th. All 762 listed institutions have gone through the registration and homologation processes. This indicates that they have successfully completed “all necessary tests and are ready to offer Pix safely and in compliance with defined requirements”, explains the Central Bank.

Among the 762 approved organizations are large banks (Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa Econômica Federal, Itaú and Santander) and fintechs such as Nu Payments (Nubank), PagSeguro, PicPay and RecargaPay. The most recent list of Pix’s first participating institutions is available here (PDF).

Note that this does not mean that unlisted institutions will be left out of Pix. The Central Bank points out that the accession process will be permanently reopened as of December 1, 2020.

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