Pirate IPTV traffic plummeted 50% with police operation | Legislation

An anti-piracy operation in Italy brought down, two weeks ago, the Xtream Codes, a management system that served as the basis for more than 5,000 IPTV services worldwide. As a result, traffic from illicit IPTV platforms has plummeted by around 50%.

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The estimate is from the network equipment supplier Sandvine. To TorrentFreak, the company reveals that the 50% drop was noticed on September 20 compared to the day before, when Xtream Codes was taken down. At the same time, searches for the name of the system have grown significantly on Google, a movement that was also seen in Brazil.

Xtream Codes was software used by companies to resell IPTV services to end consumers. It cost between 15 and 59 euros per month, offering features such as user authentication, access statistics and protection against restreaming (yes). It is estimated that the approximately 5,000 IPTV services using Xtream Codes have more than 50 million subscribers.

Xtream Codes

“Our website and services are down due to a preventive check by the Italian authorities. The investigation is about a small number of our clients located in Italy. We apologize for any inconvenience, although we are not responsible, ”says the Xtream Codes website.

The police believe Xtream Codes is an international criminal group that is the target of searches not only in Italy, but also in Germany, France, Greece, the Netherlands and Bulgaria, where the company was registered. According to the European agency Eurojust, “the damage caused by the criminal gang totals approximately 6.5 million euros, harming the existence of many legal providers of pay TV”.

The fact is that it will be very difficult to end the illegal IPTV market: right after the Xtream Codes were taken down, providers rushed to switch to alternative systems, most of which had already been back on the air on the 21st and 22nd of September.

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