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The boom in computer sales in early 2020 – due to the demands for home office and distance learning in the pandemic – was not confirmed in the second quarter, here in Brazil. A study by consultancy IDC reveals a 12.6% drop in PC sales, compared to the same period last year.

PC sales fall 126 in Brazil and prices increase

The move goes against the increase registered on a global scale. The rise in the dollar had a strong impact on the prices of machines and components, and the corporate market was the most impacted.

According to IDC, Brazil sold 1.265 million machines between April and June 2020, 183 thousand less than in the second quarter of 2019 and 205 thousand less than in the first quarter of this year. Despite the retraction in relation to desktops, notebooks maintained the pace recorded between January and March this year.

The corporate market registered the sale of 137,892 desktops and 221,646 notebooks in the second quarter. According to Rodrigo Okayama, an analyst at IDC Brasil, companies are experiencing a cash flow crisis. Changes in tax collections on parts and product transportation also contributed to companies “putting their foot on the brakes”, freezing investments.

Within this market, the educational sector was the point out of the curve, with an 11.2% growth in sales.

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Retail performed better, with a total of 906,423 machines sold in physical stores and online. Even supermarkets have entered the point of sale of computers. The survey also shows that the search for high-performance PCs grew strongly: 90%.

“Although they still represent niche markets, gamers, art editors, photographers, architects, etc., who need high performance machines, with greater processing power, they bought 92 thousand notebooks and 20.4 thousand desktops”, reveals Okayama.

Computer prices soar in Brazil

According to IDC, in the second quarter it was time for the transfer of prices to reach consumers. See, in the table below, the average price of desktops and notebooks between May, April and June 2020 and the variation from the previous year.

Period Average desktop price Average notebook price
2nd quarter of 2019 R $ 2,150 R $ 2,670
2nd quarter of 2020 R $ 3,607.08 R $ 4,342.45
Increase (year on year) 67.8% 62.6%

Despite the alarming numbers, IDC predicts improvement going forward. The estimate is for growth of 1.2% in the third quarter and 3.5% in the fourth quarter – which involves purchases of Black Friday and Christmas. In general terms for the computer market, the year 2020 should close with a 4.4% growth in retail and a 9.9% decrease in the corporate sector.

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