PayPal no longer accepts payments to Pornhub | Internet

The adult entertainment website Pornhub also serves as a source of income for people who publish their own videos. Some of them, however, will need to update their accounts to continue making money. This is because PayPal will stop intermediating transactions between the site and users.

PayPal stops accepting payments to Pornhub

To Motherboard, PayPal claimed to have discovered that Pornhub made certain payments on its platform without your permission. The service said it will no longer accept transactions to prevent this practice from happening again.

The payment service policy prohibits “certain sexual orientation materials or services”, but it is not clear whether this led to the decision. In its note, PayPal did not say what the unauthorized payments would be, or when they would have happened.

What is known is that the measure will affect tens of thousands of people who use the site to earn some revenue. On his blog, Pornhub said he was “devastated” by the platform’s decision to no longer accept its payments.

“Decisions like PayPal and other big companies do nothing but hinder efforts to end discrimination and stigma towards sex workers,” Pornhub told Motherboard.

The site said that despite having several payment methods for its partners, it will continue to invest in other alternatives in the near future, including cryptocurrencies.

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