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A few years ago, Uber offered in Brazil the option of connecting passengers to drivers willing to take pets in the car. The feature is back, only in the US and in testing: the Uber Pet guarantees that the vehicle will receive dogs, cats, iguanas and others – but the user will have to pay an additional fee.

dog in the car

It works like this: Uber Pet will be an additional option alongside UberX, Comfort, Black and UberPool (called Together in Brazil). The user chooses the service to transport pets and sees the price of the race. If everything is OK, just order the car.

Uber Pet charges an additional fee of $ 3 to $ 5 in the price of the ride. The driver will receive a “significant portion” of that amount if he decides to offer this service, according to the company. If he wants, he can stay out and not accept animals in the car.

Uber Pet

This will be tested from October 16 among all customers in the American cities of Austin, Denver, Philadelphia, Nashville, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Phoenix and Tampa Bay. The Uber Pet should then be expanded to more places and countries; that’s what happened with Uber Comfort, for example.

“This new feature allows you to communicate to the driver that you are taking a furry friend (or with scales!) For your Uber ride,” says the company in a statement. “We created this feature to give drivers peace of mind.”

It is not necessary to request an Uber Pet for guide dogs accompanying visually impaired people: they can be transported in any category, from UberPool (Together) to Black, at no additional cost. This rule also applies in Brazil.

UberPET was closed in Brazil in 2016

In the case of pets, Uber Brazil currently recommends that you contact us to advise the driver. She also suggests that the animal be taken in a shipping box or collar.

In 2015, UberPET was launched in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro: the service had drivers who always accepted animals, and the car came with a cover to protect the rear seat.

However, this only lasted a few months: he was terminated because “all Uber services are pet friendly – that is, pets can be accepted by partner drivers,” said the company at the time. As the VentureBeat, UberPET was also present in Mexico and some Asian markets.

With information: The Verge, CNET.

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