Opera 64 for desktops launches with tracker blocker

The final version of Opera 64 for desktops is already among us. The main novelty of the browser is a tracker blocker which, in addition to strengthening user privacy, promises to speed up the loading of web pages by up to 20%.

Opera 64 - tracker blocker

The tracking blocker works in conjunction with the ad blocker that Opera users already know. None of these features are enabled by default after installing or updating the browser, but enabling them is easy: just go to the Easy Setup menu (top right) and scroll through the screen to find these options.

According to Opera Software, the browser’s crawler blocker uses the crawl protection list as a base EasyPrivacy to determine what should be stopped. This list was already used in the browser, but in a way linked to the ad blocker.

If the blocker identifies an existing tracking script in the list, it will simply prevent it from running. This feature can be useful, for example, to block hidden resources on websites that collect the user’s browsing habits or those unauthorized emails that reach you after visiting an online store.

It is possible that certain sites will stop functioning properly due to the blocking of a script, so Opera Software points out that blockers can be enabled or disabled only on specific pages. Just access the corresponding icon to the right of the address bar.Opera 64 - tracker blocker

As already reported, the company estimates that blocking crawlers can make page loading up to 20% faster. This number increases to up to 76% if the ad blocker is also activated.

Other news include the enhancement of the Snapshot tool for snapshots – now you can save a page directly in PDF, for example. Opera Software is also keen to remind you that the built-in VPN is still there.

O Opera 64 can be downloaded from the official website.

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