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If you have been using Android for a long time, you should remember that the system required Home, Back and Menu buttons: the latter opened additional options within the app, but several people did not understand how it worked. Worse, it was necessary to hold it to activate multitasking mode. At the Android 10, the Menu button has been completely removed from the source code.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Menu, Home and Back buttons on Samsung Galaxy S III

In 2012, Google warned on its official blog: “say goodbye to the Menu button”. At the time, the company asked developers to stop using this button because it was no longer mandatory in the Ice Cream Sandwich and later versions of Android.

Instead, applications should display the main commands in a bar at the top (or bottom), and leave less-used items on a menu visible on the interface, either in the form of a three-dot or a hamburger button ≡.

However, apps made for Android 2.3 Gingerbread or lower still force the system to display a Menu button at the bottom, in the right corner of the screen:

In Android 10, this no longer happens:

Google: Menu button “was intentionally removed”

“This was intentionally removed because the API was discontinued many versions ago, so this is working as intended,” explains a Google engineer on the Issue Tracker platform, which receives bug reports on Android.

That is, very old apps that require the Menu button will no longer work properly. Manufacturers are updating phones faster thanks to Project Treble, and will be allowed to launch only devices with Android 10 starting in January 2020. However, I imagine it will affect very few people.

I have two old apps on my Moto Z that display the Menu button: the game Amazing Alex (from the same creators of angry Birds) and SleepBot for sleep tracking. Both were removed from the Play Store some time ago and, fortunately, they don’t need this button to work properly. Do you use an application that requires the Menu button?

With information: Android Police.

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