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THE Histarted sales of the Streaming Box, a device that takes Internet content to conventional TVs. With 4K support and Android TV operating system, the product is available to customers and non-customers in the operator’s stores. It has YouTube, Netflix, Fox + and Oi Play pre-installed; you can download other apps from the Play Store collection, such as HBO Go, Spotify and Globoplay.

Hi Streaming Box

Costing R $ 480, the Streaming Box can be purchased up to 12 times without interest. Oi highlights that the box is approved by Anatel and Google (for access to the Play Store). It is manufactured by Elsys, Oi’s longtime partner who also supplies receivers for Oi TV.

Those who already have a Smart TV may not find many reasons to purchase the Streaming Box or another device of the same style, since the functions end up being similar. The product is suitable for those who have a non-smart TV or a TV with limited and old platforms, who suffer from a lack of apps and updates.

Oi Streaming Box has Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Google Assistant

To connect to the internet, the Streaming Box has Wi-Fi 802.11ac dual-band in the frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, in addition to an Ethernet port. There are HDMI 2.1 and RCA video outputs (P3 connector), allowing you to turn even a tube television into Smart TV. Although Oi has not officially released it, Elsys reports the presence of a type F connector to connect the antenna, allowing to tune open digital TV with the equipment itself.

It is possible to use Google Assistant with a dedicated button on the remote control, which connects to the device via Bluetooth and has a built-in microphone. There are also quick access keys to Netflix and Oi Play apps.

The device has two USB ports, and the operator informs that joysticks can be connected for use with games downloaded from the Play Store. As with any Android TV, there is an integrated Chromecast function, allowing smartphones, tablets and computers to send content to be displayed on television.

Oi’s Streaming Box is also available for sale through the Elsys website, but for R $ 599. In addition, the company offers Smarty, a similar product with Android TV: costing R $ 399, it supports Full resolution -HD and less RAM.

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