Oi initiated procedures to sell mobile division, says Vivo | Telecommunications

THE Hi has already started the processes for selling its mobile division: that’s what Angel Vila, vice president of operations for Spanish Telefónica, said during an event at Morgan Stanley bank in Barcelona. According to the Bloomberg, a Live was approached by Oi advisors for a possible deal.


Vivo is interested in this acquisition: the vice president of operations confirmed this and also praised the performance of the competing operator’s mobile arm, with a substantial customer base and significant spectrum capacity.

The purchase of Oi – especially the mobile phone division – has been the subject of speculation for some time. The operator faces a judicial reorganization process that started with debts of R $ 65 billion.

Publicly, Oi informs that it does not intend to sell in the short term to generate cash. Operations director Rodrigo Abreu says the mobile arm is important for the operator, even though the strategic plan for the 2019-2021 triennium focuses almost exclusively on expanding the fiber optic network to broadband via FTTH.

Of course, TIM and Vivo already confirmed their interest in Oi during the Futurecom fair. The last consolidation in the Brazilian telecommunications market was the purchase of Nextel by Claro. The deal was approved by Anatel and Cade, but TIM filed an appeal for fear that the concentration of spectrum would harm competition.

To Teletime, Oi declined to comment on the matter.

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