Nvidia Maxine uses AI to improve video calls | Artificial intelligence

Not infrequently, video calls imply blurred images or frequent freezes. For those who suffer from these problems, the platform Nvidia Maxine brings hope: announced this Monday (5), the news promises to improve the quality of videoconferences with the help of artificial intelligence.

Nvidia Maxine - resolution

According to the company, Nvidia Maxine can optimize several parameters of the call. One is bandwidth. Instead of transmitting pixel by pixel, the platform can trace the user’s facial points and send to the other side only the information that corresponds to the movements of his face.

As the static content, like the background scenario, is not retransmitted in each frame, the amount of data needed for transmission falls without impairing the image quality.

Nvidia points out that, thanks to the data compression provided by an artificial intelligence system run by its GPUs, bandwidth consumption can reach one tenth of what is required for H.264 transmissions.

Nvidia Maxine - compression

Nvidia Maxine is also able to automatically realign faces and looks so that participants in the video conference always appear to be facing each other and maintaining eye contact, even when they are not looking directly at the camera.

Have more. Artificial intelligence features can be used to remove noise, eliminate artifacts that appear in the image when the user is in a low-light environment, create avatars and automatically improve the resolution if one of the participants is on a low-speed connection.

The enhancement consists of reconstructing the image after it is received by one of the parties, so there is no need to increase data traffic for the video call to reach a satisfactory level of quality.

Thanks to the integration of the platform with the framework Nvidia Jarvis (what a peculiar name, no?), the broadcasts can also be complemented with features such as real-time translations and transcription of conversations.

Now comes the bucket of cold water: Nvidia Maxine is not a platform aimed directly at the end user, but a system offered to companies that want to optimize their videoconferencing tools. THE Avaya is one of the first companies to bet on the idea.

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