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O Nubank released the option of debit card for all customers of NuConta: it is possible to request it through the application for Android and iPhone; before, it was necessary to enter a waiting list. Currently, more than 2.5 million people already have the card that allows contactless payments via NFC and withdrawals on the Banco24Horas network. The credit card with no annual fee also has no waiting list.

Nubank card

As of this Thursday (15th), all NuConta customers can request a debit card through the app. You can also place an order if you have the old Nubank credit card model, with holographic sticker and the word “Nubank” (instead of “Nu”) on the front.

And, if you already have the Nubank credit card launched in September 2018, just go to Settings> Request debit function and this will be enabled immediately. It has the “Nu” logo on the front and has the contactless payment symbol next to the chip.

Fintech remembers that it is not distributing cards on its own: it is necessary to go to the application and request it. “No customer will automatically receive a card with a debit function; everyone who is interested in the debit function will have to ask for it in our app ”, explains the company.

Nubank expands after investment round

NuConta is a payment account that does not charge a maintenance fee: it offers free and unlimited transfers to other banks via TED, in addition to yielding 100% of the CDI. Withdrawals from Banco24Horas ATMs cost R $ 6.50 each.

More than 2.5 million people received the card with the debit function. Nubank has 12 million customers in Brazil, including NuConta and credit card.

The startup also ended the credit card waiting list: you can make the request and know right away if it was approved.

Nubank is managing to expand thanks to several investment rounds that have brought in a total of $ 820 million since 2013. The company is already worth more than $ 10 billion and plans to expand to Argentina and Mexico.

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