Nubank reissues 3,000 cards that may have been exposed by online stores | Business

O Nubank will reissue the physical and virtual cards of 3 thousand customers: this is a preventive measure, as fintech found that these users entered payment information on “risky websites”. The idea is to prevent fraud in the period before Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas shopping.

Nubank credit card

Customers will receive contact via email in the next few days. If the physical card is reissued, a new unit will be sent to the address registered with Nubank. If it’s the virtual card, it’s simpler: just generate another one inside the application.

In a statement, Nubank explains that it analyzed a series of transactions at “establishments with a history of problems”, and found that some customers may have placed their card information in these online stores.

“We are going to reissue the purple of 3,000 customers who may have used risky websites,” says the company. It is a small fraction of its base: it had 12 million users in August, including products like the non-annual credit card and NuConta.

Fintech does not reveal what these sites are, but says that it forwarded the information about these establishments to the banner (Mastercard), which is in charge of talking to the respective storeowners.

Nubank has real-time security monitoring

To prevent fraud, Nubank uses real-time monitoring systems, statistical models and transaction management systems. There are also security features within the app, such as password, digital or facial recognition lock; temporary card block; and disposable virtual cards.

From time to time, digital banks and large financial institutions end up reissuing some customers’ cards if they detect a security risk. However, it is rare for these companies to communicate this to the general public. “We decided to act in a transparent and preventive manner to protect our customers’ data,” says Vitor Olivier, Vice President of Consumption at Nubank, in a statement.

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