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O Nubank announced that, as of this Thursday (15), customers of PJ Account can request a free debit card to make purchases in physical establishments, including by approximation, with the money from your digital account. It can also be used for withdrawals on the Banco24Horas and Saque e Pague networks.

Nubank PJ account card (Image: Disclosure / Nubank)

Nubank PJ account card (Image: Disclosure / Nubank)

“This novelty will be released gradually to customers of the PJ account”, explains Nubank in a statement. It is necessary to access the app to request the debit card: it has a darker purple tone than the individual card, includes the word “business” next to the chip, and can be personalized with the company name.

The PJ account card is free: Nubank does not charge an emission fee to send it to your home. However, cash withdrawals are subject to a fee of R $ 6.50 per transaction, due to the cost of accessing Banco24Horas and Saque e Pague’s external ATM network.

Each withdrawal can be a maximum of R $ 1,000. In addition, there is a daily limit of R $ 10,000 for purchases using the debit function in the PJ account, whether in face-to-face or online transactions. The card has NFC, that is, it allows to make payments by approximation (contactless) in the compatible machines.

You can also make online transactions with your PJ account card: this includes Uber, Uber Eats, 99, 99Food, iFood, Netflix and Spotify Premium, in addition to the 350 thousand establishments that accept PayPal. It is worth remembering that there is no credit function here, only debt.

How to request debit in the PJ account

To order the card, follow these steps:

  1. log in on your Nubank PJ account;
  2. at the top of the app, touch the gear icon;
  3. select the option Request debit;
  4. touch Request card;
  5. choose the address where the card will be sent;
  6. define the name which will be on the front of the card (the full name of the person holding the card will be on the back);
  7. enter your password 4 digits.
How to order a Nubank PJ card (Image: Disclosure / Nubank)

How to order a Nubank PJ card (Image: Disclosure / Nubank)

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