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O Nubank is expanding the tests of PJ Account: in the last few hours, several users have been invited to try the new digital account mode. The application is the same as you already know and has free transfers via TED, payment of slips and the feature to charge money; however, it is not yet possible to order a physical card.

Nubank PJ Account

Images by Sandra /Twitter, Walmyr Carvalho /Twitter and Tecnoblog

The PJ Account is integrated into the Nubank application: you switch between it and the traditional NuConta by tapping on the top and choosing the option “access another account”. You’ll know you’re in the legal account because the interface gets a darker shade of purple. The name will be the same present in the CNPJ registration.

The features of the PJ Account are basically the same as NuConta: you can make unlimited, free transfers via TED to other banks; pay bills and taxes; and make deposits via boleto. It is not possible to generate slips with another person’s name to charge, but you can use the “charge money” function: it creates a link with your account data and the amount to be deposited.

On twitter, Nubank recalls that it does not yet offer a physical card for legal entities, “but we know that it is an important point”. In the meantime, any NuConta customer can apply for a debit card (or activate credit card debit) without queuing.

Nubank tests PJ Account with freelancers, freelancers and MEIs

Nubank is testing the PJ Account with individual customers who are sole partners in a small company and have a CNPJ. Fintech is also targeting freelancers, freelancers and MEIs (Individual Microentrepreneurs) who receive payments as a legal entity.

The PJ Account does not charge a monthly fee in this testing phase, but Nubank never said that it will be free – only that it will be launched “without abusive fees”.

Twitter users report that they have entered Nubank PJ Account testing:

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