Nubank allows you to create a virtual debit card for online purchases | Finance

Without fanfare, the Nubank released a new functionality to its digital account customers, previously called NuConta: it is possible to create a virtual debit card to make purchases through PayPal or pay for services like Uber, Spotify and Netflix. This has been available in credit mode since 2017.

Nubank Virtual Card

The official Nubank account on twitter confirms that “the virtual card also arrived in the debit option”. In addition, the help articles within the app have been updated to mention that this feature can be used in the debit or credit function.

“The virtual card is available to all customers who have applied for and been approved for the debit, credit or debit and credit functions for their physical cards,” says Nubank in a help article.

As the virtual card is equivalent to the physical version, transactions will be recorded in your digital account (debit) and invoice (credit). This means that, depending on the modality, you must have sufficient balance or available limit.

There are three possible scenarios:

  • you have only the digital account, not the credit card: the virtual card will only work on debit function;
  • you have credit card only, not the digital account: the virtual card will work only on credit function;
  • you have digital account and credit card: the virtual card will be multiple – debit and credit have the same numbering – and it will be necessary choose the payment method directly on the website or in the app.

“If the merchant offers the option of paying by debit, insert the virtual card number so that the charge is made to the digital account”, explains fintech. She remembers that the debit function is only supported by iFood, Uber, Spotify, Netflix and PayPal.

How to create virtual debit and credit card on Nubank

It is possible to generate the virtual card through the application: the number, expiration date and security code (CVV) are different from your physical card. It is also possible to remove it at any time as a security measure.

For example, suppose a store has leaked financial data from customers: if you registered the virtual card, just delete it in the app and it cannot be used. This can also be useful for websites or services that require a card registration.

To activate this feature, it is simple:

  1. open the Nubank app and tap the button Virtual card on the bottom carousel;
  2. type yours password;
  3. touch Copy to enter the numbering on the clipboard to paste into another application; it is also possible block the virtual card or erase it.

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