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O Nubankstarted this Monday (30) its first partnership with an airline loyalty program. The purple credit card already allowed the conversion of points accumulated in the Nubank Rewards on airline tickets, but now you can also transfer them directly to program miles Smiles.

Nubank allows mileage accrual in the Smiles program Business

The bank promises that the transfer will be “the best experience on the market”, because points will be credited to Smiles instantly – the entire transaction takes about 15 seconds. With conventional credit cards, this process usually takes between one and two days, which is bad when taking advantage of airline tickets with miles.

Conversion, however, is not so advantageous. Every $ 1 spent on Nubank is worth 1 Rewards pointbut every 4 Rewards points equals 1 Smiles mile. Traditional credit cards usually score at least 1 mile per dollar, up to 2.8 points per dollar.

Smiles is Gol’s loyalty program, but it also allows you to redeem and earn miles on Delta (who knows how long), Aerolíneas Argentinas, Aeroméxico, Air France, Air Canada, Air Europa, Alitalia, Copa Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Ethiopian, Korean Air, KLM, Passaredo, Qatar, Royal Air Maroc, South African Airlines, TAAG and TAP.

How to transfer points to Smiles

  1. Enter the Rewards panel within the Nubank app;
  2. Select Smiles on the flap Use points;
  3. Choose the number of Smiles miles and tap Continue;
  4. Review the request and confirm with the card’s 4-digit password;
  5. The order will be processed by Smiles and the balance will be updated in a few seconds.

Worth it?

Well, a promotional air ticket on the Rio-São Paulo bridge costs 5,000 Smiles miles each way, and you will need to spend R $ 20,000 to redeem an air ticket that normally costs less than R $ 200. “Delete it” from the invoice for 16,000 points and also accumulate the miles flown on Smiles, which is not possible with an award ticket.

Considering that the Rewards annuity costs R $ 190, the service is only worthwhile for those who have very high monthly expenses. But in that case, it would already make up for a Credicard Black, for example: the Itaú card accumulates 2 points per dollar in national purchases and 3 points in international transactions, and the annual fee is exempt if the average invoice is R $ 6,000 per month.

Time will tell if Nubank Rewards will participate in mileage promotions. It is quite common for loyalty programs to give some type of bonus to certain credit cards. The bonus usually ranges from 20% to 100% and can be decisive in achieving the dream trip.

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