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How much would you pay for a Samsung NC10 notebook released in 2008, with Windows XP, a 10.2-inch screen and… six of the most dangerous malware in history? An auction concluded on Tuesday (28) raised no less than US $ 1.3 million (approximately R $ 5.2 million).

The device was sold as a work of art by Guo O Dong. Baptized The Persistence of Chaos, the notebook has six pieces of malware that prevent it from connecting to Wi-Fi networks or being connected to USB devices.

Notebook with malware and Windows XP is auctioned for $ 1.3 million

To The Verge, Guo classified the device as “a kind of bestiary – a catalog of historical threats”. Malicious software was chosen based on the economic damage it caused, amounting to $ 95 billion (or R $ 382 billion) of damage worldwide, according to estimates.

Among the malware present in the notebook are WannaCry, which affected more than 200 thousand computers in 150 countries in 2017, and ILOVEYOU, which was distributed by e-mail and affected 500 thousand devices in 2000. The device also has the MyDoom, SoBig, DarkTequila and BlackEnergy malware.

According to Guo, the objective of his work is to highlight that the abstract threats created with the digital world can also be physical threats.

“We have this fantasy that the things that happen on computers cannot really affect us, but this is absurd”, he says. “Armed viruses that affect power networks or public infrastructure can cause direct damage.”

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