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The biggest Android phone makers, including Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi, use a battery-saving technique that is not standard on Android: periodically, apps running in the background are unceremoniously closed. Only this causes adverse effects and is no longer needed with Android 9 Pie. THE Nokia is one of the first manufacturers to abandon this solution.

Nokia 2.2

Nokia adopted software from a Taiwanese company called Evenwell to kill applications in the background. In fact, some of the brand’s phones were praised for their excellent battery life, but that came at a cost: on Android 8.0 Oreo and 9.0 Pie, any background process would end if the screen was off for 20 minutes.

It is not difficult to see that this causes problems, for example, with sleep or alarm monitoring tools. And there was no point in including applications on a white list, since Nokia’s aggressive implementation killed those software nonetheless. The bug was fixed months later.

Now, Nokia explain: “Before Google launched the Adaptive Battery on Android P, manufacturers had their own solutions for managing system performance and battery life. Our solution was Evenwell. With the adaptive Battery feature of Android 9 Pie, the need for an alternative solution no longer exists ”.

Android Pie / Adaptive Battery

The Adaptive Battery is a function of Google itself to save energy: it uses machine learning to understand its usage patterns and define which applications will have priority in the use of battery, instead of simply killing everything in the background. Artificial intelligence tends to be better than humans, so you don’t have to waste your time managing what runs in the background.

All Nokia phones with Android 9 will no longer have Evenwell; even if the app is still installed, it will remain inactive. New smartphones, like Nokia 2.2, no longer come with the factory software, as confirmed by NokiaPowerUser.

Don’t kill my app!

Don't kill my app!

The practice of killing applications in the background gave rise to the movement Don’t kill my app: the website shows which manufacturers are the worst in this regard, “breaking applications and making your smartphone less capable”. It gives a negative score (“crap score”) from zero to five. The bigger, the more aggressive is the background process management.

Nokia has already led the list, but the current champion is Huawei, which adopts PowerGenie: it “kills everything that is not on Huawei’s white list and does not offer any configuration options for users”. THE Samsung it also prevents any applications that have not been open for three days from running. Both companies score 5/5, the worst possible.

Nokia, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Meizu and Asus are rated 4/5. Only those who do well are HTC and, of course, Google itself, which limits itself to adopting the standard features of Android.

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