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The Nintendo Switch Lite is a simpler and more portable version of the original Switch and it has some changes on the inside, announced by Nintendo itself. The staff of iFixit decided to open the console and really found what was promised, along with some not interesting news like the memory card reader soldered on the motherboard.

nintendo switch lite open

In 2017, iFixit opened the Nintendo Switch and gave high marks for the hybrid’s repair capacity, thanks to the set of modular parts that can be exchanged without much work. Some things remain similar in the Lite variant, but others have been changed and this has lowered the note, increasing the difficulty of repairing the set.

The three main internal changes are in the battery, which, even promising greater autonomy, is smaller and delivers less energy; from 16 Wh in the original version of the console to 13.6 Wh. The longer autonomy with less energy comes from the second change, which is the Tegra X-1 chip from Nvidia, which manages to save energy and deliver basically the same performance. Finally, the microSD card reader is now soldered to the internal board.

nintendo switch lite control

Inner part of the joystick has been slightly altered

Another point that has changed is the internal part of the joystick, which can be a solution to the problem that some users encountered with the movement of the character without the button responsible for this being pressed.

Closing the dismantling, the iFixit rated it 6 out of 10 for the console – the bigger it, the easier it is to be repaired. On the positive side are the simple screws in most components, which remain modular and can be replaced without much difficulty.

nintendo switch lite comparative

Comparison between Nintendo Switch (above) and Switch Lite (below)

On the negative points are the memory card reader that is soldered on the board and the same point as the previous generation, which is the presence of a three-point key that few have at home.

With information: iFixit.

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