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It’s not just the classic Super Nintendo games (SNES) that have been redeemed for the Switch. The control of the traditional console also won a new version, which began to be sold on Monday (16) on Nintendo’s website for the United States.

Nintendo sells SNES wireless controller for Switch Games

The accessory was offered in pre-order for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers for $ 30 with a rule for each user to purchase a maximum of four units. The high demand, however, made the control quickly unavailable on the company’s website.

Nintendo recommends that users who were unable to purchase the controller try again later, but does not guarantee that new units will be offered. For those who managed to guarantee the accessory, deliveries should start on September 18th.

The SNES control for the Switch is paired with the console as well as the Joy-Cons. It is recharged via its USB-C port. Nintendo is also expected to offer a version for the UK, which is not yet on sale, but which will cost $ 27.

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In 2018, the manufacturer had already released a wireless version of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller, the famous Nintendinho. The model was sold only in pairs and cost US $ 60 in the United States.

The new bet on traditional console controls comes after the release of 20 classic SNES games for Nintendo Switch Online, a subscription service that, for $ 74 a year, allows you to play with others around the world and keep saves in the cloud .

Among the games released in September are Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The service now totals 68 classic games, including Nintendinho titles that were previously added.

With information: CNET.

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