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THE Nintendo is slightly closer to Brazilians: the company opened a local profile on Instagram to promote games like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Switch and Mario Kart Tour for smartphones. She also created a dedicated account for Latin America.

Nintendo Brazil on Instagram

The bill @nintendo_brasil is not yet verified on Instagram, but it is official: this was confirmed by the Nintendo profile on Facebook, which has the blue seal.

“We are pleased to report that Nintendo has opened official Instagram accounts for Latin America and Brazil,” says the company in a statement obtained by the website Nintendo Pe. “There are two accounts that add to the official channels of the brand in the region … these spaces will offer Nintendo content and news in Spanish and Portuguese, respectively.”

Nintendo has website and store in Brazil (just missing the Switch)

In late 2017, Nintendo opened an official website in Brazil, after years abroad. Some time later, she started selling games for Switch, with card payment; in early 2019, the store also started accepting bank slips.

This year, Nintendo launched prepaid cards for full games and extra content in some units of Lojas Americanas. As in the online store, the user needs to enter a code on the Switch to download it; you cannot make purchases directly from the console’s eShop.

From time to time, Nintendo even promotes its games in Brazil. Even with all this approach, the Switch was not officially released here. It is worth remembering that the console was already approved by Anatel in 2018, at the request of another company that distributed Japanese games in the country; the certificate is valid until December 2019.

Verified Nintendo profile on Facebook confirms that @nintendo_brasil on Instagram is official:

Nintendo Brazil on Instagram

With information: Nintendo Blast.

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